Hunting grizzly bears in British Columbia

Hunting grizzly bears rank at the top of most bowhunters and rifle hunters wish list.

Primitive Outfitting will be offering a limited amount of hunts for trophy grizzlies for both bow and rifle hunters. We will be taking a maximum of 2 hunters per year, and this will be a 1x1 hunt for 9 days. what makes our area so good for black bears, also goes for the grizzlies. We have a very high population of grizzlies, with some top end record book grizzlies walking our area. The outfitter that I bought the area from has killed some huge B&C bears that squared over 9 1/2 feet and measured 24+ inches on the skull. That is huge for an interior grizzly. The main reason for this growth is the salmon run in the summer, and the high yield of berries in the fall.


Our spring grizzly hunts consists of checking fields, cut blocks, railways, and fields to catch them eating grass/dandelions/crops. While not as numerous as the black bear, they are out filling up after a winter in their dens. They have certain spots they like to feed in, and they tend to hit the same spots year after year. We know when they move into these areas because the black bears will vacate the area immediately and we see their tracks and droppings.      

These hunts are intense, and not for the faint of heart.

Once we know a big boar is in the area, we will get the wind and wait as long as it takes until he comes out. This is an intense hunt, and not for the faint of heart. Concentrating under extreme pressure will be key on this hunt.     Our fall grizzly hunts will consist of hunting large burns (which are full of berries), checking the rivers for bears scrounging for salmon, as well as hunting the high alpine where bears are digging for ground squirrels and eating berries. The bears are 20% heavier in the fall, thus the biggest bears are killed at this time. These hunts (spring and fall) are intense, and not for the faint of heart. Concentrating under extreme pressure will be key. Your guide will be carrying a back up gun, and won't hesitate to use it if things get dangerous. If you want a chance at bagging a trophy interior grizzly bear please give us a call.

Hunt details:

9 day Grizzly hunt: $10,000 usf plus a $8000 trophy fee.

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