Hunt Moose in BC

British Columbia is well known for it's moose hunting, and our area has a high population of moose.


 The area we hunt is called the "wet side" of the Rockies, with a high annual rainfall. This equates into lush undergrowth, food, and swamps...which is ideal for moose hunting. We hunt moose with a variety of techniques. In the early season we hunt the high mountain alpine where the moose have summered and are avoiding the insects. when the rut starts they make their way down to the valley's to chase cows. Our rut hunts consist of spotting the bull, then moving in to set up for the call (cow and bull calls). He will usually come to investigate giving the hunter a close and at times tense shot. We also incorporate a decoy, which has proven effective.


Moose hunting in BC

Moose hunting in BC

The moose in our area average in the 40-55 inch range with bulls in the 60+ range being taken. Canada moose are not as big as their Alaskan cousins, but they are a huge animal that will get your heart pounding when they are close. This hunt can also be combined with elk and bear.      

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Hunt details:

Early season hunt: September 10th - 18th is $8000 USF.
Rut hunt: September 20th thru October 8th is $8000 USF.          

* All moose hunts are a total of 8 days* 

License fees and 3% GST tax are separate.

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