Shed Hunting in Alberta

Primitive Outfitting started running shed hunts for whitetail and mule deer in 1996.

We run our shed hunts in the famous Edmonton bowzone (and surrounding areas) for white tail, and southeastern Alberta for mule deer.    

Our shed hunts run a minimum of three days up to a maximum of 5 days. We are up early and hike all day. A typical day for whitetail shed hunting would be 2 to 8 sheds per day, per hunter. While we don't have as high deer densities like most of the lower 48 might, we have size. You can expect to find a handful of Pope and Young quality antlers with many of the guys finding sheds scoring over 75-80 inches or better. We pre-scout the areas where the whitetails yard up for the hard winters, which in turn proves to be the best shedding grounds for the spring.                    

Go shed hunting in Alberta

Go shed hunting in Alberta

Our mule deer trips are in the wide open prairies of the southeast Alberta. Being that this area is desert, we find from 10-30 sheds apiece per day. After three days you have more than you can take home with you!        

Best times for shed hunting vary, depending on the severity of the winter and how much snow we have. Over the years the best times are in late February, and March/April. This hunt is great for families and kids. Over the years we have had many couples, father/daughter, and father/son in. It's great exercise and a nice time to be in the woods! Its also a great scouting tool for the whitetail/mule deer hunter who is hunting with us in the fall.    

Hunt Details:

Cost of the hunt is $250 USF per day, not including room/board. Discounts available for couples and parent with their kids.

Limited spots available, call now for details